Live life at it’s finest and at it’s lowest. Enjoy the people you are with, young or old. Enjoy the times you have to yourself and find the treasures you find on the adventures you stake on. Love it as much as you can squeeze out of it. Take in the world whether it’s fast-paced or slow paced. You find what life is by your days spent. Let the seasons come and go, let the pain stay and let it leave once it’s ready, and let the moments be filled with enough memories that will last you a lifetime. 

Do you ever think think “have I grown up?” or “do I ever grow up or will I ever?” I feel like theres so much to those questions. I feel like society believes growing up means taking on your own bills and own responsibilities. But I feel like growing up is your ability to make life choices and choosing the correct roads to follow. There has been a lot of disappointments and failures this past year that made me think a lot about why I chose to be something I’m not or be someone I’m not. I think lately I’ve been trying to become an individualist rather than pulling towards an image that a group could put on me. I think the idea to become an individualist is a goal I’m really going to strive for. I feel like thats step one in growing up for me at the moment. I’ve been so selfish and so worried about what others might label me as all freshmen year that I think it consumed me to the point where my mind believed me as one but I was going through everyday with thoughts that consumed my mind. All summer I thought about what and who and why I wanted to be something else. This summer, although I didn’t do anything other than summer school, I had a lot of time by myself without the influence of a lot people to think about stuff…. Life can be so short sometimes and sometimes it can be so long, but while we’re here, we should at least make something of ourselves and leave an impression… an indention… a crack… and mold in or on something or someone before it’s too late. I hope finding the individual that’s inside of me will peek out to the world and want to come out and take charge for what I want in life and what I want to plan for my life. 

Thank you.

Just wanted to give a shout out to all my new and old followers because I know I haven’t been active in hoo nose hao long…. But I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been reblogging and liking all my past posts, it’s really nice that you guys haven’t forgotten about me. I also saw some of you guys went all the way back to my first posts…. WOW. Just wow. Thank you so much. 

I never announced that I would be hiatus before I stopped posting before college last year, but I guess I should just put it out that I am on a hiatus, I don’t know if it will be for life or for now. It’s just that I’ve been busy with school and other stuff that I feel like my time spent on tumblr will be no help for me in my studies. I really appreciate all my followers and for what you guys have done for over the past 6 years I believe I had this blog. All the loving reblogs and likes and loving messages, they are all so amazing to me. 

As far as the hiatus goes, I wanted to give you guys an update about my life. So I finished my 1st year in college and it didn’t go as amazing as anyone would hope for and I am currently going to summer school. I believe I mentioned in a previous post or ask maybe that I would studying abroad in Korea for a semester for Fall 2014. But I will not be but I am hoping I will be in Spring 2015. I have to finish my application and turn in an application fee by the end of august. My father said he is willing to send me if i do well for my summer course and if my parents can support me at that time. 

I’ll keep you guys updated of course if anything does happen with Korea. Once again, thank you so much for the love and support! 

Anonymous: Not to be a creep or anything, but I saw a post of yours on lovelylovablelovinglady's blog about going to LSU and studying abroad in Korea soon after. I'm also planning to take this route! I would love if you didn't mind sharing your experiences with me and whatnot ^^

Well, you should tell me about what you want to do too when you go to korea! Non anon!

Anonymous: New follower! Do you currently live know S.Korea or are you now somewhere else? I'm moving to Korea, so I'm curious. (:

I currently reside in the states. Cool! You should tell me about your move~ non-anon?!

Anonymous: Good luck this week!


Anonymous: instagram? ^^


feel free to follow! ^^

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