Anonymous: Not to be a creep or anything, but I saw a post of yours on lovelylovablelovinglady's blog about going to LSU and studying abroad in Korea soon after. I'm also planning to take this route! I would love if you didn't mind sharing your experiences with me and whatnot ^^

Well, you should tell me about what you want to do too when you go to korea! Non anon!

Anonymous: New follower! Do you currently live know S.Korea or are you now somewhere else? I'm moving to Korea, so I'm curious. (:

I currently reside in the states. Cool! You should tell me about your move~ non-anon?!

Anonymous: Good luck this week!



Hi guys

so there are a lot of newer very talented editors in the kfashion community

and i am an absolute butt and have been a bit lazy in checking out new blogs to follow

so, if you would be so kind, reblog this if you are a k fashion, c fashion, or general asian fashion…

Anonymous: instagram? ^^


feel free to follow! ^^

handawn: ♡ Hello beautiful person! Once you get this, you must share five random facts about yourself and then pass this on to ten of your favorite followers. YES HI 8--D

omgggggg <33333 

do i know even five things about myself omg i cant ok ok

1. i was born in Korea

2. I like really cute boys omg 

3. I’m going to study abroad an entire semester in Korea next year for the fall and winter semester

4. sloths are my favorite animals so cutee uwu

5. i want a greyhoundddddd

Hi to all my new followers!

Just had a huge influx of new followers, and I just felt the need to say hi!

Feel free to talk to me or request something!

Sungjong reject Suzy for a date.


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